Grandma's Special


Offering items you would like your Grandma to make!

I have sewn all my life, as the daughter of a Home Economics' teacher what else might you expect. I raised two daughters, creating and making special outfits for them, from Halloween costumes to their wedding gowns.

Now that I am Grandma to Maria Bella I have the pleasure and joy of making special items for her and have expanded into a small business currently selling at craft and street fairs. Frequently when 'Bella has a friend's birthday party to go to she chooses to "shop at Grandma's" rather than at the store-now you, too, can shop at "Grandma's"!

Questions or Comments?

If you have any questions or comments about any of the items you see on this web site or have special requests, feel free to contact me, Judy Schoonmaker Rivera, at .