Grandma's Special

Nap Kits-

Blanket or nap map with pockets for a pillow (included) and another for a special book, teddy bear, etc. all folded up with carry handles for your toddler, preschooler to take to grandma's, day care, preschool, or for a sleepover.

I recently took 'Bella to spend the night with her cousins and she insisted on taking "her bed" with her.

Available in patterns shown in picture: "Moon & Stars" and "Fruit Loops".

Price : $25


One of a kind-crazy quilts

Fleece top, polyester fiberfill padding, and 100% prewashed cotton flannel backing

Available in the following sizes:
24" x 36" — $125
36" x 48" — $150

NOTE: Loops can be added for hanging.

Changing pad-

Rubberised flannel-water proof and backed with 100% cotton flannel

Size is 24" x 24"

Price : $10